> Stir together

couple of cut,


> For an easy

some diced

peeled halves

or blender,

natural pud


with olive oil

mix together

ding, dump W


and grill them

1 avocado,

cup of almond

tomato and

for three to

Vt cup each

butter. V-i cup of

green onion,

four minutes.

of milk and

agave nectar.

black beans

The outside

sour cream

ltsp vanilla.

(rinsed and

will get

plus onion

% cup of cocoa

drained), a bit


powder, garlic.

powder, and

of red wine

inside turns

1 avocado into a

vinegar and

molten and

sauce, lemon

food processor.

hot sauce, plus

creamy. Fill

juice, and salt

Process until

a small can

the grilled

and pepper

smooth, add

of Mexican-

halves with

to taste. Serve

ing up to half

blend corn

salsa for an

over grilled

a cup of water


easy side dish.

steak or

as needed for

Let it chill

(Just make

chicken. (The

moisture. For

in the fridge

sure your grill

sauce tastes

extra creami-

then use as a

Is well oiled

best at room

ness, stir in a

dip for chips,

before using-.


bit of coconut

pita, or any

orthe avocado

or warmed

oil just before

thing else

may stick.)


you eat it.

you like.

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