Weeks 13-16 NUTRITION >

You're training at a high level now. so support it with anti-inflammatory foods that help recovery. Spice your meals with ginger and turmeric and start adding omega-3 fats (such as flaxseed oil) to foods you prepare.


Switch your workouts to split routines, working your chest, shoulders, and triceps one day: legs the next; and back and biceps on the third day. (Do eight sets of eight to 12 reps per set.) After the weights, do interval cardio for five minutes at the hardest pace possible Train your core four days a week after your main lifts with exercises such as hanging knee raises and back extensions. Rest on Day 4. Repeat the cycle for the rest of the week.

Weeks 17-20 NUTRITION >

Eat lean protein, veggies, healthy fats, and fibrous starches (such as quinoa. couscous, and brown rice). Continue cutting the starches after 12 p.m.


Drop your reps to five to eight. Switch the routine so you hit upper body one day. lower body the next, and then rest on Day 3. When you repeat workouts, increase the reps to eight to 12.

Fitness and Exercise

Fitness and Exercise

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