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How Nerijus Bagdonas, our inaugural model-search winner, fuels his physique

HMF partnered with Wilhelmina Models to find a guy with the kind of body worthy of being featured in our pages. Aspirants had to be muscular, lean, and athletic-and possess a passion for fitness. The winner among 3,000 entrants was New York trainer Nerijus Bagdonas. His prize? A lucrative modeling contract with Wilhelmina and an appearance in MF. See more of him in our "Perfect" and "Russian" workouts in this issue.

5KX) pjn.> Usually a salad (either homemade or takeout) topped with grilled chicken or steak plus tomatoes, a mixture of fresh vegetables "I usually buy organic, free-range chicken," Bagdonas says. 8-30pm> 2 grilled chicken breasts or 8 oz salmon or tilapia with fruit and vegetables

KMX) pjn.> 2 scoops casein and whey protein mixed with water If dieting for a photo shoot. Bagdonas will eliminate starches but eat fruit for energy. When trying to gain weight, he amps up his carb intake.

530 am. > A smoothie made with whey protein, coconut milk, water, a banana, and 2 tbsp peanut butter 1000am. > 4 whole eggs. 1 piece whole-wheat bread, plus some diced tomato, avocado, and piece of fruit "The egg is much more nutritious with the yolk," Bagdonas says. "It doesn't affect your cholesterol." LOOpun.» Pre-workout: a shake made with whey protein, coconut milk, and a banana 3:00 p.m> Postworkout: another shake, this time with 5 grams of creatine mixed in

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