> That's how many gymgoers are treated annually in the ER after mishaps with treadmills, heavy weights, exercise balls, and jump ropes, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

> Step away from the remote! A new Australian study says that for every hour you spend watching TV daily, you are 11% more likely to die prematurely from all causes and 18% more likely to die from some form of heart disease iSF

> The idea of a weight-loss pill may be hard to swallow. But it could be on the horizon. One composed of leptin, the protein that tells our brain to stop eating, is being developed by a group of Canadian does Take the pill, feel full, eat less, drop pounds. We'll see

It's here, and so are 3-D channels. DirecTV will have three available this June, while ESPN will broadcast at least 85 games live in 3-D, including World Cup matches and the 2011BCS title game

ESS maintains his godlike physique with Spartan training. The year's most anticipated video game is out now for PS3.


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Your Heart and Nutrition

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