Average Amount A Man Will Lose In His First Year Of Commuting By Bike

A proud history of savings and reliability, backed by the strength of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (Note: the above portrait is not Mr. Buffett.)

Nearly 15 years ago, GEICO became a proud part of Warren Bufifett's famed holding company. Back then, the Gecko was one of the hardworking people — sorry, reptiles — in our GEICO offices. Now he's helped GEICO become not only the third-largest car insurance company in the country, but also the fastest growing. Which is no surprise. For over 70 years, GEICO has worked hard to save people hundreds on car insurance. So why not give the Gecko a call to see how much you could save? You'll find he's easier to reach than Mr. Buffett.



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"Forget those slow, low-intensity 'fat-burning' workouts," Carmichael says. "Unless you're single and unemployed, you don't have enough time for that." instead, train like the athlete you aspire to be, and your body will adjust, "increase your workout intensity—go faster or do sprints or intervals. You'll burn more calories, getting faster and stronger while you get leaner."

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