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This ebook course teaches you everything that you need to know about the tricks that the best players use to play at the top of their game. You will learn all of the skills that the pros use to make sure that their game is the very best. This ebook comes with the full 120 page ebook on swing mechanics, videos to demonstrate the concepts, an audio version of the book that you can listen to on your own time, a 14 day email program that gives you other helpful tips and tricks, and lifetime updates to the content as well as article recommendations for you to take advantage of. This is more than a book; it is a collection of the best specialized knowledge that you will need to know in order to play like the best of the best do. Learn today how to play with the pros. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

Overall my first impression of this ebook is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.


John Kruk, the portly former all-star first baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies, once said, I'm not an athlete, I'm a baseball player.' Certainly he wasn't the first player to prove that you don't need be a stud athlete to make it on the diamond. Flash forward to Mark McGwire, the Paul Bunyonesque St. Louis first baseman who has clearly demonstrated that a little (or in his case, a lot of) strength doesn't hurt. In fact, one of the biggest changes in professional baseball in the last 15 years is the number of athletes who lift weights during the off-season. Take fleet-footed shortstops like Derek Jeter, Nomar Garciapara, and Alex Rodriguez and you can see the benefit of weight training on their overall play. Don't get us wrong, these guys are superior athletes who would be perennial all-stars even if they didn't lift, but their long-ball power is no doubt aided considerably by all their time in the weight room. Power aside, baseball is a game of spurts and starts with a healthy dose...

Of A Lifelong Hardgainer

Ectomorphic physique (more on this distinction later), I never realized the disadvantages I would later face when discovering my penchant for pumping iron. You see, long arms and legs mean that weights have to travel an awful long way when being lifted. But we'll get to that soon enough. Besides, it wasn't all bad having the wingspan of a condor came in rather handy as a kid on the playground. It made me a natural at blocking shots and snagging rebounds on the basketball court. And don't even get me started on throwing sports. Whether it was a baseball or a football, those same long limbs I would later come to curse allowed me to sport an absolute cannon for arm. Yeah, I guess you could say that despite a glaringly obvious lack of anything that even closely resembled speed, I was your basic 16-year-old athletic prodigy.

Exercise 6 Side Bends

This is an exercise that can be done with or without weight. When beginning, you may want to do this weightless until balance improves. This helps to increase both lateral and rotational movement of the torso. Nearly any sport, which encompasses reaching to the side, such as a baseball or football catch, will be enhanced.

Do The Myths Continue

Many of today's elite athletes follow periodized strength training programs. For many years, athletes from the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball Association (NBA), and the National Hockey League (NHL) have reaped the benefits of periodization.

Athletic Applications of the Reverse Hyper

Those athletes participating in sports requiring sprinting movements (basketball, baseball, bobsleigh, etc.) will improve their stride length dramatically with the regular use of the Reverse Hyper. Butch Reynolds has used the Reverse Hyper in preparation for his world records in track and field.

Know What and Where It Is

Look at baseball's all-time stolen base leader Rickey Henderson stride to the plate and you'd swear that his striped pants are stuffed with pads. While his quads are large, his hamstrings, which are made up of three separate muscles that run from just beneath the backside to the back of the knee and are responsible for bending the knee, are as inflated as a side of beef. In fact, all superior sprinters and NFL running backs have these sweeping, sculpted strands of muscle.

The First Step Toward Succeeding in Drug Free Bodybuilding Is Acknowledging Your Fears

Kids are hilarious, aren't they Have you ever noticed how strangely little boys act during a Little League game when faced with difficult situations If you ever played Little League baseball as a child, maybe you can remember how you thought and acted during some of the especially challenging times that you experienced.

AC Anything else youd like to mention

Bodybuilding, for example, has become the red headed stepchild of the strength training community. Bodybuilders are often stereotyped and criticized as being vain, non athletic and non functional drug addicts. The truth is, some of this criticism is valid, but most of it is not. For every bloated steroid using bodybuilder you can point your finger at, I can introduce you to an aesthetically-built all natural bodybuilder that most men would die to look like and most women would drool over. I can also show you just as many steroid-bloated football, hockey or baseball players. The drug use is there in all sports, it just happens that bodybuilders wear it on their shirtsleeves. And for every stiff, bulky, non athletic bodybuilder you can point your finger at, I can introduce you to a lean, massive bodybuilder with multiple black belts who is

AC Where can people read more about your theories and programs

I work with athletes from a wide variety of sports but baseball players seem to make up the predominance of my clientele followed next by football players and combat athletes. A lot of my closest friends are some of the pro baseball players I train so I think that has something to do with the steady stream of baseball players walking through my door. As far as personal achievements go, I have routinely helped athletes get scholarships, win starting positions and dominate their team's strength and conditioning tests, but I can only do that with the right person. So even though I help, all I am really doing is giving them a map to follow, the rest is up to them. So I can't take too much of the credit. Although when any of my athletes succeed in any way, it's the best feeling in the world for me.

Positive Health Exploring Relevant Parameters

It didn't take long for women to overturn the IOC's entrenched view. Women golfers, tennis players and sailors took part in the second Games in 1900 and women have participated in every Olympic Games since. Throughout the past 100 years, more and more women have competed in the Olympics in Athens 2004 the proportion of women to men will for the first time approach parity. Of the 10,000 athletes women will make up approximately 41 and will compete in all but boxing and baseball.

Performing the Exercises

Ith more than 25 exercises, EA Sports Active Personal Trainer provides a multitude of workout options. If you become bored with following a regular workout routine, then you can give the program's sports drills a try, which include fun activities such as dancing, volleyball, and baseball. Regardless of which activities you choose, you are guaranteed to break a sweat while still having fun, and you may just forget that you are working out.

Triceps darrems workout

Has to work his triceps hard to keep them in balance with his softball-sized biceps. This routine helps him do just that and it can do wonders for your arms as well. > > A typical triceps workout shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes, according to Darrem. Hit your tri's hard, then give them rest, he says.

Having Fun with Sports

Baseball On the virtual baseball diamond, you perform several reflex-oriented activities, including swinging a bat, and catching and throwing a ball, all designed to challenge your upper body. Most of the movements are performed with the Wii Remote in your right hand and the Nunchuk in your left, though you can incorporate more lower body work and increase the challenge through the use of the Balance Board. An example of a typical Baseball screen is shown in Figure 8-17. A typical Baseball screen, featuring Batting. A typical Baseball screen, featuring Batting. When you use the Balance Board while playing Baseball, only how you catch the ball will change. When the sequence involving catching starts, you should be standing on the board with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. To catch a ball on the left, step off to the left and swing the Nunchuk to the left. Reverse for a ball on the right. After you've caught a ball, keep both feet on the board while you swing the...

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Group exercise predates aerobics classes and studio cycling. Team sports, which provide exercise done in a group, include volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, hockey, and any other competitive sport you might have played in junior high and high school. With the passage of time, they might now seem like lost sports, but you might have a hankering to pick one of them up again. Go for it. They provide fitness benefits and camaraderie, and they do exist for adults.

My Favorite Stretches for Specific Sports

Think for a moment about an unbelievable catch in baseball or football or an amazing return in tennis. All these feats require a combination of power, agility, and coordination. And yet if athletes didn't have the flexibility to reach and stretch their bodies that last little bit, they never would've been able to make the play. And what's more, if they weren't extremely limber, reaching to the utmost limit would most likely cause an injury.

Your Ability to Take Risks Will Determine Your Level of Bodybuilding Success

I can identify with these feelings because, long before I started bodybuilding, I felt very confused trying to become successful in different areas of my life. Ever since I was very young, I was determined to be great at something. When I was much younger, the majority of my focus and energy was directed at the different sports I participated in. My older brother and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out which sport we wanted to play professionally. During baseball season, it was baseball. During basketball season, it was basketball. During football season, it was football.

Play The Ten Thing Game

Ooraeone hands you an ordinary object. You must use it to demonstrate ten different things that the object might be. Example A fly swatter might be a tennis racket, a golf club, a fan, a baton, a drumstick, a violin, a shovel, a microphone, a baseball bat, or a canoe paddle. In some ways, this game is similar to punning, whereby you reach into your mental sound database and associate a sound word with something else like it in a humorous way.

Indian club GPP routine

There are still some of these clubs around, and you can buy some on the internet. However, they are quite expensive. For our GPP purposes I suggest replacing the Indian clubs with plain old wooden baseball bats (the heavier the better), or even a pair of dumbbells (5-10lbs)

Biceps brachii tendon tear

Latissimus Dorsi Bicep Problems

Generally, it occurs in a muscle, already weakened by tendinitis, after a sudden backward movement of the arm, e.g., during a throw. This movement is relatively common in baseball, tennis, and any sport involving a throwing action, but it also occurs in the snatch in weightlifting. During this motion, tension is suddenly placed on the long head of the biceps brachii, most often where its tendon passes through the bicipital groove of the humerus.

Plyometrics Goofy Hopping

Assuming you're sitting right now, stand up and jump as high as you can. If you're like the rest of us, you probably bent down into a coiled position just before you jumped. That's prestretching the muscle. You do the same kind of thing before swinging a baseball bat or kicking a soccer ball.

Tony Reynolds Ms Cscs Iyca Level II

Prior to founding Progressive Sporting Systems, Tony served as Head Strength and Conditioning coach for Rose Hulman Institute of Technology where he worked with football, baseball, volleyball, soccer, softball, wrestling, and track and field. In addition to duties at Rose Hulman, Tony has worked extensively with Indiana State University and St. Mary of The Woods University providing sport performance enhancement for numerous teams. In 2000, Tony served as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Cincinnati Reds Double A-team, the Chattanooga Lookouts. Prior to his stint in Chattanooga, Tony completed an assistantship with the International Performance Institute in Bradenton, Florida where he worked with professional football, baseball, soccer, tennis, and golf.

Other Related Financial Aid Books

Currently, I'm a self-employed personal trainer in Pennsylvania, specializing in bodybuilding, but I've always been involved in sports like soccer, basketball, baseball, and volleyball. The one sport I loved the most was cross-country running. In high school, I ran so much and performed so well that I got hooked, running one race after another, sometimes two in one day. I thought I was invincible. Like most young people, I was incredibly na ve and refused to acknowledge my own limits. So, it was only a matter of time before I got injured. My injuries forced me to undergo several months of physical therapy, during which I started weight training and saw a noticeable difference in my muscle development. Afterward, I was fully recovered, but no longer a competitive runner and had to find a different route to fitness. So, I joined a gym and started working out with a partner who got me involved in bodybuilding and personal training.

AC Who else in the field has influenced or helped you What are the best tips you learned from them and can pass on to

AC - it is my pleasure to have such an awesome opportunity to be one of the coaches you interview Currently, I am training mainly high school athletes, the majority of them are wrestlers and football players with a few baseball players. All of them are highly serious athletes which makes coaching them an absolute blast As a coach it is hard to list my achievements because I am proud of so many of them. An example is I have 2 baseball players who started training with me in mid August. They weighed 105 and 110 respectively. They come every Friday and then follow my guidelines when they train on their own. They weighed in at 140 and 145 Each workout lasts 45 minutes on average. In season workouts are never longer than 30 minutes though. The warmer times of the year my athletes get more strongman training done as well. My football and baseball players sometimes get a full workout devoted to speed, agility & quickness. The key is to balance everything out and make the workouts FUN I...

Contralateral Traimhfi

Nolan Ryan of the Texas Rangers is a great baseball pitcher. During the summer of 1990 he threw the sixth no-hitter of his career, won his 300th major league game, and became the only pitcher to surpass 5,000 career strikeouts. Examination of his workout regimen shows classic signs of overtraining. Ryan's customary routine is an assortment of stationary cycling, sprinting backwards and forward, some swimming, throwing a baseball as well as throwing a football, heavy weight work, and light weight work. He does some type of weight training almost every day, even on game days.

If Its Okay for Mark McGwire

Testicular Atrophy Causes

While the supplement isn't prohibited by Major League Baseball, it is on the banned list for Olympic athletes. Some people rushed to state that ingesting it explained why the 6-foot, 5-inch, 250-pound slugger was not only hitting more homers than anyone in baseball history, but also why they vanished into the distance like a golf ball driven by Tiger Woods. (That, of course, didn't explain why Sammy Sosa, a smaller player not on andro, was hitting them almost as often and as hard.)

Of Stretching

Ballistic or dynamic stretching involves bouncing movements in which the end point is not held. After a thorough warm-up of the involved musculature, ballistic stretching should be performed in a rhythmic movement that mimics a specific job or sport skill (e.g., swinging an ax, sledgehammer, baseball bat, or golf club). Ballistic stretching may promote dynamic flexibility and decrease injury potential for these high-speed activities. initially, movements should be small and gradually increased to larger ranges of motion.

Specialization Legs

Decipher the considerable wisdom contained within my late father's maxim. You likely will never see a champion athlete in any sport with weak legs. Boxers are said to be past their prime when their legs weaken or become rubbery. The same is true in baseball, soccer, football, hockey, and skiing. Bodybuilding is no different. In fact, unlike with the other sports, weak legs are immediately noticeable in bodybuilding and can destroy the symmetry that is the hard-fought hallmark of the competitive bodybuilder.


Studies have shown that androstenedione has no effect on testosterone levels in the body. (35) The use of androstenedione was popularized when a professional baseball player admitted to using it the year he hit a record number of home runs. Although legal in baseball, androstenedione is banned by the International Olympic Committee, the National Football League, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Keep It Simple

In my opinion, vertical and diagonal swinging are the two most effective sledgehammer variations. Horizontal swinging is a third option you may consider. You will mount your tire against a wall so it lies almost vertical. You can then perform a horizontal swing, which resembles that of a baseball bat swing. This variation is very difficult. You will require a much lighter sledge.

Going Against Type

Your body has two main types of muscle fibers Type I fibers are also called slow-twitch, meaning they're endurance-oriented. Type II fibers are also called fast-twitch, meaning they handle everything from a baseball or golf swing lasting a second or two to a sprint that lasts twenty to thirty seconds. Most of us in the training biz assume that athletes who need strength and power to succeed will have a greater percentage of fast-twitch fibers.

More Variety

Go to a local park or playground and you will find empty monkey bars and overgrown baseball fields. Let's face it, our population is overweight and out of shape. Go to the grocery store and look around. You will find a group of obese men and women crowded around the diet pill isle. Everyone wants a quick fix. They run from hard work. They would not know what a wheelbarrow was if it hit them in the face

How Plyometrics Work

Plyomctric excrciscs help to develop explosive strength and speed in fast twitch muscle fibers. These exercises use the inherent stretch-recoil properties of muscle (i.e., eccentric tension generated when the muscles are lengthened) to enhance subsequent shortening or concentric contractions. This is the dynamic action behind the rapid pre-stretch or cocking phase to activate these natural recoil properties. Examples of this phase include taking the arm back into position prior to throwing a baseball or bending the knees prior to jumping. Thus athletes that rely on explosive strength and speed, such as sprinters and basketball players, include plyometrics in their training programs. A plyomctric movement can be broken down into three phases

Michael Rutherford

As you look everywhere in the sporting world you see athletes performing sports with a rotational component. In sports such as baseball, tennis, and golf, the athlete must transfer ground forces through the middle of the body to the upper extremities. Without getting into physics involved, suffice it to say that those with weaker rotational strength and experience will not be as successful and will most likely end up with aches, pains, and possibly even injuries. A little preparation and prevention goes a long way.

The flamingo

Imagine that instead of playing softball and basketball during PE in school, kids were asked to take a stab at downward dogs and cobra poses (those are yoga poses). Sounds like a total nonstarter for American kids, right (Maybe for kids back in the Dark Ages when the baby boomers were trudging through snow to school uphill both ways, but not anymore.)


Several sports that are recommended for asthma sufferers are baseball, softball, and volleyball all sports that involve brief rest periods. However, more strenuous sports like swimming, cycling, running, or soccer are fine as well, although the asthmatic athlete may require inhalation of his or her bronchodilator before participation.


Pedometers are great for walking or running, using a treadmill or an elliptical trainer, or engaging in a sport, such as baseball, soccer, or football. But you can't wear one while swimming, and they are close to useless for biking. Other devices do a much better job of measuring these types of activities, and we'll cover those devices later in this chapter.

Hemiunder Pressure

Like baseball goes with hotdogs, or apple pie with ice cream, a Hemi engine and a blower just seem to be a good match. Even in the early years of racing, adding a supercharger to a Hemi engine simply gave the racer a seemingly unfair advantage over the competition. So it's little wonder that sanctioning bodies would either ban or severely handicap the Hemi engine when it would dominate a racing class, giving the other competitors a chance. This process

Dynamic Conditioning

Sandbag Throw

All you will need is a heavy sandbag and fence. I use a fence at a local park. You can find a fence at any baseball or football field. This exercise is similar to Sandbag Loading except you will load the bag to the other side of the fence. You will then do whatever is necessary to scale the fence. As soon as you land, pick the bag up and throw it back over the fence. In the illustration below, I begin with my left foot closest to the fence. After jumping the fence, I would continue by throwing the bag back over with my right foot closest to the fence. Throw to your left, then jump, then throw the bag to your right, and continue back and forth.

Final thoughts

Bowling ball shoulders and baseball biceps may look impressive, but abdominal training is an essential for every athlete. The important question to ask is not if the abdominals enhance our appearance, prevent injury and improve performance that's obvious. No, the question is not Do we need great abs but How do we get them Part of the answer is a good diet and exercise program that keeps bodyfat low. The rest of the answer lies in selecting more effective exercises and the correct choice of reps, sets and tempo.

Baseball For Boys

Baseball For Boys

Since World War II, there has been a tremendous change in the makeup and direction of kid baseball, as it is called. Adults, showing an unprecedented interest in the activity, have initiated and developed programs in thousands of towns across the United States programs that providebr wholesome recreation for millions of youngsters and are often a source of pride and joy to the community in which they exist.

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