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This eBook guide teaches you everything that you need to know about how to use natural oils and remedies to turn your partner on in a way that you never thought was possible. Natural remedies and herbs give you access to a world of pleasure that you never know was possible, and this eBook goes through almost every type, giving you the ability to use each one of them to the most powerful effect. You will learn the best herbs and oils to choose, how to choose the right plant for you and your partner. You will also learn the tips and tricks to use herbs safely, without endangering anyone in your ever-expanding search for pleasure. All it takes is the eBook guide, and you can use the best sort of love-making supplements every created: the all-natural kind! More here...

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I started using this book straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

All the testing and user reviews show that Herbs, Oils, and Other Aphrodisiacs is definitely legit and highly recommended.

Ruby BC Gaskill SE Slivka D Harger SG The addition of fenugreek ex

Sauvaire Y, Ribes G, Baccou JC, et al. Implication of steroid saponins and sapogenins in the hypocholesterolemic effect of fenugreek. Lipids. 1991 Mar 26(3) 191-7. Sharma RD, Raghuram TC, Rao NS. Effect of fenugreek seeds on blood glucose and serum lipids in type I diabetes. Eur J Clin Nutr. 1990 Apr 44(4) 301-6. Thirunavukkarasu V, Anuradha CV, Viswanathan P. Protective effect of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum) seeds in experimental ethanol toxicity. Phytother Res. 2003 Aug 17(7) 737-43.

Aphrodisiac Supplements that enhance libido

The word aphrodisiac is attached to many herbs, potions, lotions, and nutritional formulas. Unfortunately most aphro disiac supplements don't work. Commercial companies try to cash in on this or that exotic herb, promising great results, but the truth is that it's very unlikely one single herb can help restore healthy performance in those who suffer from impotency. There are many factors that are critical for sexual performance. Isolating and targeting one or another usually isn't good enough. Many people who experience diminished libido and impaired performance suffer due to a complex set of factors (such as neurological, glandular, hormonal and mental factors), which have taken them out of balance. Often, both physical and psychological issues are involved in impaired sexual performance.

What Affects Testosterone Production Sex Drive and Libido

When testosterone levels decline, sex drive and libido diminishes. There are many reasons for inadequate testosterone production. Some of them are related to disease and others to lifestyle stressors, diet, and agmgi Id like to discuss the most common things that affect testosterone production, and therefore sex drive and libido. As noted, there is a connection between diet and potency and bad diets can negatively affect testosterone levels in the blood. Chronic low-calorie and crash diets, mineral deficiencies of zinc, magnesium, copper, or iodine, protein, or essential fatty acid deficiencies, all may cause low testosterone production in the short or long run. Those who take thyroid supplements to boost their thyroid in order to lose weight often don't realize that having an overactive thyroid is as dangerous as having an underactive thyroid. When the level of thyroid hormones is too high in the blood, it creates a situation in which more testosterone is converted to estrogen (the...

Craving Aphrodisiac Foods Instinctively

On a related matter, I truly believe we often instinctively crave foods that enhance sexuality. These aphrodisiac foods aren't always mysterious, esoteric, or exotic. Actually, you likely consume some very powerful aphrodisiac foods and herbs quite often. Meat, nuts, seeds, seafood, and wine are all considered to contain some sex-enhancing properties. Herbs and spices such as ginseng and gingko, cinnamon and vanilla beans, have been used for thousands of years as natural aids or remedies to enhance sexual performance. Meat and seafood are abundant in zinc, as well as other essential minerals. Maintaining optimum mineral levels is critical for optimum hormonal balance. Zinc is necessary for testosterone production, male virility, and sperm production. Red meat is high in the amino acid arginine. Arginine is essential for the production of nitric oxide (NO) a neuro-substance necessary for erections. Ginseng and gingko are herbs that stimulate the production of nitric oxide through the...

Your Thyroid and Human Growth Hormone

Even though 10 million Americans have been diagnosed with thyroid problems, millions more live with lethargy, muscle weakness, depression, menstrual irregularities, low sex drive, and weight gain due to an undiag-nosed thyroid condition. Doctors used to estimate that as many as 13 million people had some form of hypo- or hyperthyroidism and didn't know it. However, at an international Consensus Development Conference held by the College of Integrative Medicine in 2003, the number of undiagnosed cases was reported to be closer to 50 million if looking at the whole clinical picture, which includes not just the standard lab tests but the physical exam, the patient's symptoms, and his or her basal body temperature. This was in alignment with the position taken by the late Dr. Broda Barnes, a well-known pioneer in the field of thyroid disease and author of Hypothyroidism, the Unsuspected Illness. Barnes estimated that at one time or another approximately 40 percent of the population will...

Bottomline Bodybuilding

This may be of little consequence since the testicular axis has not been inhibited for very long. For this reason, there should be no decrease in libido whatsoever. Some men claim to have an increase in their sex drive after a short cycle I'm only speculating here but perhaps since the body is used to a higher level of testosterone it attempts to regulate itself by producing more as you're coming off. Sort of a homeopathic process. Still, at the end of a cycle, it is recommended that a course of Tribulus Terrestris be administered. This may aid in the normalization of luteinizing hormone. It is also a good idea to take Silymarin, NAC, Fenugreek and Primrose Oil during the administration of the drugs. Silymarin and NAC work as liver protectants while Fenugreek and Primrose Oil help balance HDL and LDL levels which tend to get disrupted with the use of Winstrol. Fenugreek will lower LDL but may increase estrogen as well as block absorption of zinc. Skip on it. And to those who used it,...

And then there are drugs

Still not convinced A single example should help to make my point. In natural (read non drug using) individuals who have dieted down to extremely low bodyfat levels, say 5 , you see a common hormonal pattern. Testosterone levels are typically bottomed out (some studies even find castrate levels, which is why a lot of natural contest bodybuilders can't get their dick hard, not that they have a sex drive in the first place), thyroid levels are bottomed out, IGF-1 levels are bottomed out, sympathetic nervous system output is way down meaning decreased caloric and fat burning, appetite is through the roof, cortisol is through the roof, on and on it goes. This makes good evolutionary sense at 5 bodyfat, you are starving to death. Your body is turning off every system (metabolic, reproductive, immune, etc.) that it can to keep you alive until you get some food.

Omnadren is a mixture of 4 Testosterones

Omnadren provided fast weight and strength build-up. However much of the weight gain was due to water retention from aromatization. This gave users a bloated appearance to the whole body including the face. Most users reported an increased pump, appetite, and training aggressiveness as well as elevate sex drive (duh ).

The physical risks of alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse is a term generally taken to mean drinking so much that it interferes with your ability to have a normal, productive life. The short-term effects of excessive drinking are well-known to one and all, especially to men who may find that drinking too much decreases sexual desire and makes it impossible to . . . well . . . perform. (No evidence suggests that excessive drinking interferes with female orgasm.)

Supplements That Increase Muscle Gain

No prohormone has actually been proven to help increase muscle mass. NONE. Now, that's not to say that they don't work, but there has yet to be a study that actually proves this. There have also never been any long term clinical studies done on the safety of using these products over a long period of time. They DO actually raise your testosterone levels in the body, that's true, but what companies don't tell you is that they do not increase your body's natural testosterone production. They actually REDUCE natural production, and in some cases, shut it down completely As a response to consistently elevated levels of testosterone in the bloodstream, your body will gradually reduce production of testosterone to compensate. In other words, your sex drive will disappear

For Maximum Anabolic Impact

Testosterone is responsible for many critical functions, the most predominant of which is defining and developing male characteristic features, including sexual maturation and fertility. However, testosterone anabolic actions and its related sexual desire and aggression are significantly affected by other androgens, some of which are as potent as testosterone, or even more so. Very low protein diets, prolonged fasting, and crash diets may cause a decrease in plasma globulins. A decline of gonadal steroid-binding globulins may adversely affect all anabolic steroid actions, notwithstanding sexual desire and potency.

What is it supposed to do

Unlike ginseng, however, maca is included in bodybuilding supplements due to its alleged aphrodisiac effects. Maca contains several alkaloids that are said to nourish the endocrine glands, including the pituitary, adrenals, pancreas, testes and thyroid gland. Typical of adaptogenic substances, it is believed to have a wide range of effects that include increased strength and performance, increased sexual desire, improved mental acuity, improvements in people with chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as many other effects.

What does the research say

The above effects are clinical observations in patients rather than the results found in controlled published studies. Unfortunately, there is scant published human research that confirms these clinical observations by doctors in Peru and other parts of the world. There are, however, a few interesting animal studies regarding growth and sexual desire. Another study in rats and mice examined maca's effects on sexual desire and erectile dysfunction. Interestingly, the study found the oral administration of a Maca extract enhanced the sexual function of the mice and rats. The researchers concluded the present study reveals for the first time an aphrodisiac activity of L. mey-enii, an Andean Mountain herb. the present study reveals for the first time an aphrodisiac activity of L. mey-enii, and Andean Mountain herb. Is Maca a true aphrodisiac Only one small study exists in humans, where doses of 1.5 or 3.0 g day of maca improved subjective evaluation of sexual desire. But a follow up study...

Reported Characteristics

Cells in the testes to produce androgens such as testosterone are refereed to as Gonadotropics) Many added Clomid (*See Clomid) to their post-cycle stacks beginning 6-10 days after HCG and continued for the average reported two week duration. In most cases the result was athletes with normal (or above) sex drive and androgen production

Dairy Fat Free or Low Fat Milk Yogurt Cheese and Cottage Cheese

Superpowers boosts energy and sex drive, reduces cholesterol, maintains blood sugar levels Another cool fact about oatmeal Preliminary studies indicate that oatmeal raises the levels of free testosterone in your body, enhancing your body's ability to build muscle and burn fat and boosting your sex drive.

What does the research have to say

Studies using yohimbine to boost male libido have been promising, and there is a prescription strength product doctors can prescribe for that use. Yohimbine appears to increase blood flow to the penis while decreasing blood flow out, thus making an erection easier and better. Some cultures consider yohimbe bark to be a real aphrodisiac.

Yohimbe Hydrochloride

This supplement has been extensively marketed as giving huge gains to bodybuilders, so why don't many bodybuilders use it It is found as the chemical yohimbine hydrochloride in the yohimbe bark. Yohimbe has been used in medicine to treat male impotence and sex drive. Some studies have indicated that it is involved in reduced fat synthesis and increased fat mobilisation (Berlan, et al 1991 Muller-Wieland, et al 1994), but they are of extremely poor design. It may also help reduce blood clotting, and hence reduces risk of cardiovascular disease (Shah & Goyal 1994).

The Atkins Approach to Depression

Serotonin drugs are effective because this natural neurotransmitter helps the brain function, relieves depression and relaxes the mind. But the drugs work by blocking the body's normal ability to destroy serotonin once it has been created. Blocking agents block other normal chemical functions as well, resulting in such unwanted side effects as diminished sex drive and performance, dry mouth and constipation, to say nothing of slowed metabolism, which, of course, can stall weight loss.

Cycles And Effects An Opinion

As mentioned several times through out this book, AAS inhibit the normal function of the HPTA (HYPOTHALAMUS PITUITARY TESTES AXIS), reduce or stop natural androgen production, and decrease spermatogenesis. This results in shrunken testes (raisin-balls). This is further discusses under HCG and CLOMID to a greater degree. Loss of sex drive can develop in long term users.

Male Performance Factors

Neuro-Health to sense psychogenic (such as visual) and physical (such as sensual, touch) stimulation for sexual arousal. There's enough data today to show the correlation between impotency and chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. There's also a clear connection between low levels of testosterone or high estrogen and high prolactin (the female hormone that stimulates milk production) with male disability to perform sexually. Stress is another major factor in male performance. Psychologists and other therapists make a fortune attempting to heal and console men who have lost their sex drive or ability to perform.

Hair Loss Treatment

The only ones occurring in more than one percent of patients were decreased libido (1.8 percent of patients treated with Propecia versus 1.3 percent on placebo) and erectile dysfunction (1.3 percent 5ropecia versus 0.7 percent ilacebo). Decreased volume of ejaculate was reported by 0.8 percent of men treated with Propecia versus 0.4 percent of those taking jlacebo.

More Action Reaction For More Action

Males that experience hyperprolactinemia commonly develop hypogonadism (the shut down of the HPTA) with decreased sperm production, decreased sex drive and impotence. Those affected normally show breast enlargement (gynecomastia), but very rarely actually lactate. The gyno can initially manifest itself as an increase in fatty tissue under the lower pectorals and a puffy appearance to the areola and nipple.

Sex Power and Instincts

Sex drive and potency were always regarded as indicators of health and power Since the dawn of civilization, men have competed with each other for the best mate in order to produce the best offspring and carry their genes into future generations. Being unable to perform sexually or impregnate a woman was considered a humiliating weakness. Like animal predators, human alpha males who were leaders of their pack (group) were proud to inseminate more women than the other males. The primal instinct to multiply and expand territory drove males to conquer as many females as possible, and the best looking among them.

Maintaining Strength Levels

DHT is about 5 times as androgenic as testosterone and receptor-sites in the scalp and prostate gland have a high affinity to DHT. Normally the body produces DHT, in part, as a hormone involved in sex drive and it aids in achieving and maintaining an erection. In bodybuilding DHT and its derivatives were used for their distinct hardening effect upon the musculature. Next he endured a rectal exam to be certain his prostate was not actually dangerously swollen, and he received his prescription. The good news was that he had stopped losing his hair. The bad news is that, like about 2 of the test subjects, he initially suffered a reduction in both sex drive and a decrease in semen during ejaculation. Some (among the 2 ) reported difficulty in achieving full erections. Which sucks, or doesn't whatever. You get the point. All around, dutasteride is better with the exception of the its 5-week half-life. If you start to get side effects such as lowered sex drive it's going to take a couple of...

Estrogen Control NOT Elimination

A second synergy exists between the Winstrol molecule and progesterone. Winstrol has a molecule structure very similar to progesterone. Progesterone is an estrogen of course, but it possesses androgenic qualities as well. However, even though Winstrol fits into progesterone receptor-sites, it does not activate estrogenic activity. Kind of like Nolvadex it acts as an estrogenic antagonist to a certain degree, yet induces secondary androgenic effects through progesterone receptors. Unfortunately this can affect sex drive negatively.

Legumes Beans and Peas the Gladiator Protei n

Beans contain a high natural source of the protein L-DOPA, which boosts dopamine (a major neurotransmitter) in your brain. Dopamine plays an important role in regulating testosterone and virility. Ancient Romans were aware of the aphrodisiac effects of beans. For thousands of years, Mediterranean people used beans and peas as a major source of protein

The Anabolic Cycle Timing is Everything

Bodybuilders and athletes should consider meat and eggs to be the most anabolic foods. Arachidonic acid, which is abundant in meat and eggs, helps to induce initial anabolic stimulation. Meat is also rich in mitochondria, which contain all the essential nutrients for muscle tissue. Vegetarians or vegans may live longer with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, but they may also compromise their ability to naturally increase muscle mass. It is a known fact among nutrition experts that vegetarianism may adversely compromise sexual desire and potency. However, by incorporating certain food combinations, including certain beans and nuts, vegetarians may reclaim their virility and potency and assume anabolic potential. Nuts, especially almonds, have been considered an aphrodisiac food from the time of antiquity. With their superior nutritional content, almonds should be regarded as one of the most potent anabolic-supporting foods. Certain kinds of vegetarianism, such as lacto...

Antioxidant Treat

Ginseng could be especially helpful during the Undereating Phase. Besides being a wonderful aid against stress, it also contains antioxidant and healing properties. Both ginseng and ginkgo biloba are believed to be aphrodisiac herbs. They boost the body's own production of nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide plays a vital role in regulating blood pressure. Moreover nitric oxide is essential for getting and maintaining erections and for sexual potency. This ancient herb (ginseng) has been used for thousands of years. Today, scientists believe it contains more beneficial properties that still need to be researched-

CGMP and Potency

Sexual arousal is a unique event in which both cGMP and cAMP are activated simultaneously. While cGMP dilates the blood vessels to ensure proper blood flow, cAMP constricts blood vessels to trap the blood in the erectile chamber, which helps maintain a full, steady, stiff erection. The activation of the enzyme phosphorylase diesterase (PDE), which deactivates cAMP, ends an erection, thus allowing the blood to flow out of the erectile chambers.


All of these adaptations serve two main purposes. The first is to slow the rate of fat loss, as this will ensure your survival as long as possible. Related to that, the body tends to shut down calorically costly activities. This includes protein synthesis, reproduction and immune function there's little point keeping any of these functioning when you're starving to death. The drop in leptin, and the changes in hormones that occur are a huge part of why men tend to lose their sex drive (and ability) and women lose their period when they get lean diet hard.

Expressed in

Low Arginine levels will result in poor recovery due to a break down in the protein synthesis chain, low sperm counts, low nitric oxide production, and impaired GH production. I have noted significant improvements in post work-out recovery, training pumps, and sex drive, (ya, I do like it) when 0.5-1 gram of Arginine per 20 LBS of bodyweight is ingested daily by athletes.

What Is a Hormone

Changes in hormone levels can exert a profound influence on the amount of fat your metabolic system decides to store, as well as on a variety of other functions, including sexual desire, mood states, energy levels, and physical appearance (skin and muscle tone). Hormonal imbalances have also been closely

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a small West Indian palm tree. It also grows in North America. The American Indians traditionally used Saw Palmetto berries as a tonic to support the body nutritionally, and was used by men as a fertility aid. Many herbalists consider it to be an aphrodisiac. This consideration may however be false. Saw Palmetto is still an open issue. While it seems to be an effective natural aid for prostate enlargement-related problems, it may, at the same time, reduce sex drive.

Errata Part Vi

It helps to maintain sex drive while dieting (which can never be a bad thing). I have a hunch this is because the dietary fat is pushing testosterone production (or, more accurately, keeping it from dropping so much). In fact, many women report an increase in sex drive on the diet

Dirtiest Diet Award

Part of the attraction of anabolic androgenic steroid and pro hormone use was a distinct increase in sex drive and sexual pleasure. Those readers who have utilized androgens know the joy of being seriously horny and the elevated sensitivity of sexual arousal. The down side was post-cycle libido crash many experienced for 2-12 weeks following initial androgen discontinuance. How much was libido elevated during androgenic usage Watch a woman who is employing androgen cycles ride an exercise bike sometime. In some cases it is a better voyeuristic experience than the strip-tease scene in True Lies. Let's look at sexuality from a biological stand point first. (Sorry, pictures just do not seem appropriate). There are a multitude of receptors in the brain that constantly monitor internal biochemistry. In some cases, specific substances activate receptors that alter behavior and sensations. Androgens activate, or stimulate, receptors in the preoptic aspects of the hypothalamus. These aspects...

DHEA Eternal Youth

As you get older, your production of DHEA naturally drops off. Studies suggest that people with high DHEA levels live longer and have less heart disease and cancer. Other studies hint that DHEA helps prevent Alzheimer's disease, autoimmune diseases such as lupus, osteoporosis, and other problems. The ads for DHEA supplements promise that it builds muscle, burns fat, stimulates your sex drive, and, of course, slows aging.

Relevant Vocabulary

ANDROGENIC This designation refers to the second classification of testosterone. In addition to muscle development, testosterone is responsible for male secondary sexual characteristics like body hair, deepening of the voice, development of the male sex organs and sex drive. A steroid's androgenic properties cause the majority of side effects. The androgenic quality is preferred by some who feel they benefit from the increased aggressiveness and rather fast strength increases associated with androgens. Glycogen retention of androgenic steroids is very pronounced. High androgenic steroids are often very high in anabolic properties as well. This type of steroid will give good size and strength gains, but the prolonged use of highly androgenic compounds result in serious side effects. RECEPTOR MAPPING This is a technique used in attempt to determine a certain steroid's effects on a given individual. Each person reacts differently to dosages of different steroids. Mapping is done in an...

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