What about high cholesterol and heart disease

We pointed out in Chapter 2 that many societies, both present and past, had low levels of cardiovascular disease, despite having a high fat diet. It's also certain that other factors like smoking, lack of exercise, obesity, and stress are of equal if not greater importance to cholesterol than diet.

Nonetheless, we've stressed the importance of cholesterol-friendly mono and polyunsaturated fats in the diet. We've also provided for cholesterol-lowering supplements and fish oils to be included with the diet, just to make sure.

Generally, we haven't found any major problem with cholesterol buildup on the diet, despite the saturated fats inherent in the quantity of red meat eaten. In fact, many people have found their cholesterol levels lowering dramatically during the cutting phase of the diet, without use of supplements.

There are, of course, people who will have a problem with cholesterol regardless of the diet they're on. Again, a visit to your doctor for a thorough checkup as detailed in Chapter 3 is a necessity before practicing the Anabolic Diet. Monitoring cholesterol levels and making necessary changes as needed will also be important to those with a genetic problem with cholesterol.

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