What about carcinogens

Carcinogens are agents that attack normal body cells and, through prolonged contact, cause them to become cancerous. It's believed that one source for carcinogens are chemicals that may occur naturally in foods. If consumed in large quantities, they may lead to cancer growth.

High fat diets have traditionally been a focus of cancer research. It's believed fat may be implicated in colon, breast, and prostate cancer. But research in this area remains largely unclear at this time. In fact, many studies have minimized the importance of fat as a cancer-causing source especially in the breast cancer area.

In reality, many factors have been linked to cancer. Diet, obesity, physical activity, and heredity all seem to play a large role. Total caloric intake and lack of available antioxidants have also been implicated here.

Though totally unconvinced of any link between fat and cancer, anti-cancer agents like antioxidants have been built into our program, and will allow for protection against any possible cancer link.

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