The Psychological Edge

Along with its many physical and metabolic advantages, the Anabolic Diet will also give you a psychological edge over the high carb diet. Diets, by their nature, are psychologically tough. Just the word "diet" itself is enough to send people running to the refrigerator for a soothing, reassuring mouthful of whatever it is they're not supposed to eat.

"Diet" implies sacrifice, of doing something that will be unpleasant. They can be almost impossible to stay on and, if you weren't already depressed by the diet itself, the fact that you find yourself giving up and abandoning it can really send you into a tailspin.

The Anabolic Diet is a whole new animal. Its many motivational and psychological advantages include:

Increased Energy: The hundreds of bodybuilders we've monitored on this diet have expressed great pleasure with the increased energy they seem to have with it. Whether there is an actual biochemical mechanism causing this, we don't know. But it's certain the success of the diet and increased strength play a role here.

Many people suspect that they'll experience a loss of energy on the Anabolic Diet because the body isn't getting glucose from carbohydrates anymore but, again, this just isn't true. The free fatty acids, triglycerides and ketones your body burns provides more than enough energy to get through a workout. Red meat is also high in creatine, which is one of the compounds that increases high energy phosphates in the body and the availability of ATP. There's no lack of energy.

Where you'll have an energy problem is when you're overdosing on carbs and, as we'll discuss later, increasing serotonin levels in the brain. Likewise, if you go back and forth between diets like some people have tried to do, the constant transitioning between high fat and high carb metabolisms will also really take it out of you.

Though the Anabolic Diet contains a carb loading component, it isn't of the duration necessary to return the body to a glucose burning metabolism. Like insulin, carbohydrates are controlled and manipulated in the Anabolic Diet to maximize growth benefits and minimize their drawbacks.

Decreased Mood Swings: Bodybuilders on the Anabolic Diet have also found themselves not experiencing the wide and chronic mood swings they suffer on other diets. We think this may have something to do with eliminating the chronic insulin swings you get on a high carb diet. It's common on the high carb diet to eat a high carb meal and find yourself feeling down for awhile. Then, all of a sudden, you'll find yourself picking up again. Your moods run in cycles, up and down, on a constant roller coaster.

On the high fat diet, you don't have this kind of swing. You can eat a steak and then feel like running a mile. Contrary to what others may say, a meat meal doesn't seem to "set on your stomach." It's when the carbs are mixed with meat, as in a steak and potatoes meal, that the debilitating feeling of heaviness sets in and you end up on your way to the couch.

Again, our bodies were designed and evolved to process meat and use it for energy. The body has a very efficient method of burning fat. Unless you mix it with carbs, the high fat meal will find you ready to go rather than being stuck in the doldrums, looking for siesta time.

Stabilized PMS: As with mood swings, we've seen evidence that the Anabolic Diet may also limit the effects of pre-menstrual syndrome. Women who have great difficulty with moodiness and energy in the period just before and during menstruation have reported greatly lessened or even total cessation of these symptoms after making the "metabolic shift" to the Anabolic Diet.

It's Easier: Timing is all important on this diet. You may be limited in what you can eat at different parts of the week, but you can always satisfy a craving for any food during the appropriate time of the 7-day cycle. You can eat virtually whatever you want on this diet. You just have to eat it at the proper time.

Unlike other diets, YOU DON'T HAVE TO GIVE UP YOUR FAVORITE FOODS ON THIS DIET. Psychologically, you don't end up feeling like you're some kind of constantly sacrificing diet martyr.

• Decreased Mood Swings

• Stabilized PMS

• No Need To Banish Favorite Foods Forever

• Sociability

• Convenience

• Weekend Relief

• Builds Confidence

It's Social: One of the major problems with most diets is that they're anti-social. You're so restricted in what you can eat that, when you go to a party or other social function, you can find yourself putting other people off because of your special nutritional needs. You can't eat

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