The Midweek Carb Spike

After your weekend carb loading, you'll really be ready to work on Monday and Tuesday. What happens during these days is that you experience a "biphasic" response to the diet. You're still burning fat, but you're also using all that glycogen you received during the weekend. You look big, vascular, and find yourself motivated and working hard. You're basically in both modes, using both fat- and carb-burning metabolisms at once.

After a few months on this diet, you may want to try a one-hour carb load, or "carb spike," based on high glycemic foods. The "carb spike" should be done on Wednesday morning and it will give you an extra "kick." You can take in as many as 1,000 calories in the hour. You'll want to go right back to the high fat/high protein/low carb diet after this, but a little jolt of carbs can be very productive as needed. It will drive amino acids into the cell and increase anabolic drive and, as long as you go back to the Anabolic Diet, you'll avoid laying on fat.

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