Supplementation A Nononsense Guide To What To Take When To Take It And

The goal of the Anabolic Diet is to get you maximum growth. Exercise and training are, of course, the keys to opening the door to bodybuilding success. What the diet does is maximize the production of lean body mass built through training, while minimizing muscle breakdown and burning bodyfat. This is done by manipulating key hormones in the body to stimulate maximum anabolic drive and minimize the catabolic effects of exercise. To do this fully and get the optimum results, you'll need nutritional supplements.

Many athletes realize that nutritional supplements can get them that extra edge they need over the competition. Unfortunately, they often have some very strange ideas about what works and what doesn't. In many cases, the only information available to them comes from the people who manufacture, distribute, and retail the supplements they buy and, guess what? They're going to do everything they can to get you to buy their product.

To do this, they'll tell some tall tales. False and misleading information and claims abound in the supplement industry. Sometimes you'll find these claims made without any substantiation or evidence at all. Other times they'll take otherwise legitimate studies that really have nothing to do with their product and use them to back up their claims.

For example, a study is used to trumpet the success of boron in increasing testosterone. The actual findings of the study were that boron raised the testosterone levels in POSTMENO-PAUSAL WOMEN. There was no evidence in the study that boron raised the testosterone level in either female or male athletes. In fact there is evidence out there that it doesn't. But the study is used nonetheless and probably hooks more than a few bodybuilders on evidence that is total fiction. This goes on all the time.

Even articles found in sports magazines, especially bodybuilding magazines, falsely advertise the effectiveness of various supplements. You'd think there be a strong element of honesty here, but there often isn't. The authors may have a financial interest in the product. So may the editors. Because of that, the truth is stretched or even ignored.

The so-called "anabolic steroid substitutes" are especially noteworthy here. You'll see them advertised all over bodybuilding, powerlifting, and other sport magazines, and they'll tell you that these substances are even more effective than anabolic steroids, possess no side effects, and will change your life overnight. It's all a bunch of baloney.

In fact, nearly all the claims you see made in connection with nutritional, herbal, homeopathic, and glandular products are unsubstantiated by research. They may be safer than anabolic steroids but they are also relatively, if not entirely, ineffective.

Often, you'll see some results after beginning to use these supplements. The only problem is, the results don't come from the supplements. They come from the athlete himself.

He's enthusiastic again after a down period and finds himself with renewed dedication. He sets out to improve his nutrition, but at the same time kicks up his training and adjusts his lifestyle. He gets results thanks to changes in training, lifestyle, and attitude. But instead of taking the credit himself, he'll start singing the praises of some absolutely worthless supplement.

This brings to the forefront the #1 rule when dealing with any supplement: Be critical. Before announcing to the world how good a supplement is, take a long look at the benefits you think you've received from the supplement. Study your progress to see if you've really gone beyond what you would ordinarily expect from the diet and training you're on. Are you really getting stronger than you would normally expect? Gaining stamina? Are you increasing lean body mass as a result of the supplement, or increased training intensity and enthusiasm?

The supplement manufacturers make enough ungrounded claims all by themselves. There's no need for you to help them out. Be critical. Study your overall progress and training situation. Then, if it's proven to you that the supplements are giving you an edge, you'll know you've got something that really works.

It's also important to say up front that supplements don't work of and by themselves. They do not take the place of proper training, diet, and lifestyle. What they do is work together with training, diet, and lifestyle to maximize growth. They also must be targeted for specific diets and training conditions, and they must be taken at the right time and in the right dosages.

The supplements that I recommend be used with the Anabolic Diet are targeted specifically for use with this diet. Many would have little effect if they were to be used with the high carb diet. But here, when used correctly, they'll work synergistically with the Anabolic Diet, your training, and lifestyle to maximize anabolic drive, limit catabolism and burn fat.

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