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Increasing Lean Body Mass WITHOUT Anabolic Steroids: This is one of the real big advantages of the Anabolic Diet. As described in the previous chapter, the diet does many of the same things hormonally that steroids do, only naturally inside the body and without the risks.

Decreasing Bodyfat Without Sacrificing Lean Mass: Unlike the high carb diet, when you gain weight on the Anabolic Diet much less of it is bodyfat and much more of it is muscle. We've found that, far from what you've been led to believe, eating fat doesn't lead to getting fat. In fact, high dietary fat is instrumental in increasing lipolysis or the breakdown of fat1 and the resulting loss of bodyfat. We've also found that the bodybuilder will maintain more lean body mass during the cutting phase of a diet.

On the high carb diet, if you exercise correctly and do everything else right, you'll find that when you lose weight, about 60 percent of it is fat and 40 percent muscle. You may get ripped, but you're much smaller than you could be. On the high fat diet, we've found those percentages go way down to 90 percent fat and 10 percent muscle, and that's a real boon for the bodybuilder who wants to maintain muscle as he cuts down. With the high fat diet, you get down to the weight you want but find yourself maintaining a lot more lean body mass. You're bigger and stronger.

Take two athletes, one on the high carb diet and one on the Anabolic Diet, have them gain 10 pounds, and you'll find the one on the Anabolic Diet gaining the larger percentage of muscle. Likewise, when you lose weight, the athlete on the Anabolic Diet will lose far less muscle than the athlete sold on high carbs. Which diet would you rather be on?

Feeling Stronger While Losing Bodyfat. This stands to reason. Strength is proportional to muscle mass. When you're on the high carb diet, sacrificing lean mass to get cut, you're obviously going to feel weaker. Because the Anabolic Diet cycles in a carb loading phase every week to stimulate insulin production and trigger growth, you also don't find yourself getting into the psychological doldrums you get following one diet all the way through each week. There's a variety in your diet, and this will aid you in being more energetic and committed than you'd be on the high carb diet.

Maximizing The Effects of Endogenous Anabolic Hormones. This diet maximizes the serum levels of testosterone, growth hormone and insulin to promote growth. It basically conditions your hormonal system to create an endogenous (natural) anabolic (growth producing) environment. It maximizes the effect of these 3 anabolic hormones 24 hours a day because, contrary to popular belief, you don't only build muscle after a workout but during a workout as well.

This isn't easy. Many hormones are reactive to others. For instance, as insulin goes up, growth hormone may decrease. If insulin decreases, growth hormone will increase. The two substances generally don't work together, but they can. If you can increase both substances, you'll get a better anabolic effect than with an increase in one substance alone.

Later we'll provide some supplements that you can use with the Anabolic Diet that will help in increasing insulin, testosterone and growth hormone as needed. You'll find 2 of our formulas to be targeted for use before, during and immediately after your workouts. This is especially important because of the decrease in serum testosterone and growth hormone that can occur during and after a workout.

At the cellular level in the body, you need the anabolic hormones elevated so they'll drive amino acids into the cell for protein formation. That's how you get growth. The Anabolic Diet, the weekly cycling it incorporates, and supplements will work to do this before, during and after your workout.

Increase In Strength: People on the Anabolic Diet often find that, as they're losing weight and bodyfat, strength increases. Most bodybuilders find this amazing. They know that when they lose weight, they're also losing muscle and strength. But with the Anabolic Diet, they're losing far less muscle and that, in combination with the fact that their body is working in an anabolic environment, makes them feel stronger. They can't believe it as they watch the fat melt away while their strength increases at the same time.

Decrease In Catabolic Activity In The Body: The Anabolic Diet results in lower levels of cortisol, a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands that breaks down muscle (catabolism) and uses it for energy. The supplements we'll be recommending for use with the diet will also decrease muscle breakdown during and after the workout, while increasing insulin and growth hormone levels at critical times to promote an anabolic effect. Put simply, you'll be breaking down less muscle while adding more.

• Decreasing Bodyfat Without Sacrificing Lean Mass

• Maximizing The Effects Of Endogenous Anabolic Hormones

• Increasing Strength While Losing Bodyfat

• Decreasing Catabolic Activity In The Body

• Avoiding The Health Problems Of The High Carbohydrate Diet

• Staying In Shape Year Round Instead Of Peaking Once Or Twice

• Improving Contest-to-Contest And Year-to-Year/No Plateaus

• Endurance Increases will increase insulin levels and thus produce an anabolic (muscle building) effect when used properly. In the Anabolic Diet, we use a carbohydrate loading phase on the weekends to do just that. But when insulin is chronically high or yo-yo's up and down due to a diet consistently high in carbs, it becomes a lipogenic (fat producing) hormone and begins to lay down fat on the body, and plenty of it. That's why it must be controlled. You'll note that on the Anabolic Diet, the individual will increase carbohydrate consumption on the weekend only to the point when they begin to lay down fat. Then it's back to the high fat diet before any damage is done.

This is why you tend to lay down so much more fat on a high carb diet. With insulin uncontrolled, you lay down fat indiscriminately. The chronic elevation of insulin also tends to deposit that fat in the thighs and other fat-plagued areas of the body, causing the cellulite buildup that drives women especially crazy.

The increase in plaque buildup in the arteries that leads to heart attacks also appears to be a symptom of the chronically high carb diet. If you stay away from the simple sugars and junk food, you can limit the damage, of course. It would be hard to severely criticize someone who eats a lot of vegetables, salads and potatoes.

Atkins Low Carb Diet Recipes

Atkins Low Carb Diet Recipes

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