Panic Attacks

One of the things bodybuilders do to sabotage themselves before contests is to panic. They'll find themselves too fat and begin doing aerobics, thinking this will get the extra bodyfat off for them. At a maximum, doing about a half hour of aerobics consistently is not going to harm you. You'll burn up more free fatty acids than you would not doing enough work, and this will take off some bodyfat and get you closer to your goals.

But bodybuilders begin to panic and overdo it. They'll start doing 3—4 hours a day of aerobics to get that fat off, and all they do is exhaust energy stores so that the body starts using its own muscle tissue for energy. Obviously, this is not what you want to do so close to a contest.

Likewise, if you're really in trouble, you can start pigging out to build mass while thinking that aerobics will make up for the fat buildup. It's not going to work. Increasing calories and aerobics will most probably just increase catabolic activity in your body.

Aerobics, while burning fat, can also destroy muscle. Even if it doesn't do appreciable damage, it will still limit the amount of muscle you can put on to some degree. As a rule, the less calories you take in and the more time you allow yourself to lose the bodyfat, the less aerobics you'll need to do and the more lean body mass you'll retain. You need to allow yourself time to lose the bodyfat and gauge yourself effectively as you move toward a contest.

That's one of the things this diet does so well. With the weekend portion of the diet, you'll learn what foods to eat and how much to make yourself successful. You'll be better able to track your progress and know what you'll need to do for the contest beforehand. There'll be no need for those rash decisions that throw a curve ball at your metabolism.



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