Minimal Lean Weight Gains

On the high carb diet, you'll often find yourself not gaining any lean weight from one attempt at cutting to another. You'll find bodybuilders who've been on the same diet for 5 years and they haven't gained 5 pounds. With the high fat diet, you'll make regular gains probably somewhere between 5—15 pounds of muscle a year. Meanwhile you'll be as defined, if not more so, than you were in previous years. One bodybuilder I worked with recently went from 217 to 242 pounds in the span of two years, with a marked increase in definition.

That's one of the big plusses of the high fat diet for the bodybuilder. You can increase muscle mass year after year. On the high carb diet, you tend to end up about as cut and weighing the same as the year before.

With the extreme swings in weight and the difficulty in maintaining lean body mass, far less progress in muscularity and definition is possible. Cycle to cycle, year to year, you look the same.

With all of the above working against the carb-based diet and in favor of the Anabolic Diet, which do you think you should choose?

As a bodybuilder, we think the choice should be clear. If you want growth and success, the Anabolic Diet is for you. If you want to spend the rest of your life running in place, go ahead with that high carb diet.

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