Messing Up A Good Thing

Above all, you want to make a smooth landing into a contest. You shouldn't be doing anything out of the ordinary. You certainly don't want to experiment.

But some bodybuilders, in full control of their senses, will decide to try something new just before a contest. They're looking to get that final edge. They mess up. Their water table increases. They start with the sodium depletion or sodium loading trick. They'll let loose with all sorts of things they've never tried before, and all of a sudden they end up wondering how it was that they were looking so great and now look so bad.

Again, don't shock your system before a contest. Make a smooth landing into it. Don't throw everything away by trying to get the extra edge through some crazy stunt.

Muscle Gaining Revealed

Muscle Gaining Revealed

You’ll learn how to use many different tactics for building those tiny muscles into rippling, huge, strong muscles that will not only impress the ladies heck, it will impress you. Don’t fall for those over the counter powders that you’re supposed to mix into your food, like muscles are going to magically appear overnight. Come on now, let’s get real ok. I’m going to show you the exact processes I used to gain my rippling muscles and then you can follow my system.

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