Mass Phase Duration Can Vary

Not that the mass phase can't be hurried, but you always want to maintain right about 10 percent bodyfat. That way you can get in contest shape fast. I've seen people go through a 20-week cycle in which they've bulked up for 8 weeks (3 pounds a week) and then use 12 weeks for cutting (1-2 pounds a week). Though they bulked for only 8 weeks and cut for 12, their weight was still above what it was for the contest before. And they were as cut, if not more so.

The whole goal here is to come into a contest a little better than before you were on the diet. This may mean only 3-4 pounds. Or, in more long-term training, it could be 25. The big thing is, EVERYBODY MAKES PROGRESS WITH THIS DIET. To those people who've been the same for 15 years, I say here's a way to break out.

Some bodybuilders prefer to point for a big contest, like a Mr. Olympia, and take the whole year to do it. That can easily be done on this diet, too. You may want to mass for 30 weeks and cut for 20, gaining 60 pounds and losing 40 over the course of a year. You'll come in 20 pounds ahead of where you were last year and be looking great.

Keep in mind that you may also want to utilize the "start up" or "maintenance" phase described above as you go from mass to cutting phases. Let's say you've got a contest in 30 weeks. You've gained all the body mass you want in 10 weeks, but you don't want to go to the cutting phase. You can maintain your gains by staying on the "maintenance" phase for 6-8 weeks. Then, when you're ready, you can go into the cutting phase in preparation for the contest.

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