Free Form Amino Acids

Free form amino acids are the building blocks on which proteins are made and muscle developed. They will play a big role in the supplements I recommend for use with the Anabolic Diet.

Often the free form aminos are used as an alternative to food or protein in the diet, but they are capable of much more. They can be used as energy sources, anti-catabolic agents, performance enhancers and, most critical to the bodybuilder, a way to maximize the anabolic effects of hormones in the body and increase lean body mass.

One of the main reasons bodybuilders and other athletes first jumped on the amino bandwagon was the belief that they can increase the release of growth hormone. It turns out that these beliefs were well founded. It's been shown that a number of aminos may increase growth hormone secretion.42 It's also been shown that they may release pancreatic glucagon and insulin.43

The branched chain amino acids like leucine (so-called because they chemically branch off another chain of atoms instead of forming in a line) have also been studied for anti-catabolic and anabolic effects and been found to stimulate the synthesis of protein and inhibit its breakdown.44,45

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