Fluid Retention

If you do tend to retain fluid, begin to restrict yourself to distilled water and low levels of sodium 24 hours before the competition. Also increase your potassium and calcium intake.

Actually, most people tend to retain some fluid, so these suggestions should be considered by all bodybuilders. You want as little extracellular fluid (i.e., water under the skin) as possible to avoid smoothing out. On the other hand, intracellular fluid (i.e., fluid inside the muscle) will increase cell size so you'll be bigger. It also aids vascularity.

Distilled water and low sodium will serve to lower the extercellular fluid. Potassium will increase the amount of fluid inside the cell. Higher potassium levels are also better for muscle contractions, though you want to be sure not to create potassium levels that are too high. Calcium is, of course, important in avoiding cramping.


As we discussed above, you can go through the "pre-contest" phase in preparation for a contest several times a year, as long as you keep your fat levels lower. In this way, it really doesn't take much time to get into contest shape.

That being said, I'd suggest that you only go through the "pre-contest" phase 4 times a year. That means a maximum of 4 contests a year. More than this is self-defeating, because I don't believe you'll have the time to go back into the mass phase and use it properly.

You've got to go back and build up lean body mass to some extent between contests. This also means you'll gain a bit of fat. You'll still be bulking up and cutting down, but it won't be like on the other diet where you bulk up so much that you gain so much bodyfat that by the time you lose it, you're no better off than when you started.

Again, the goal here is to make you bigger, stronger, and more cut from contest to contest and year to year. That's what the Anabolic Diet is all about.

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