Benefits Of The Anabolic Diet More Muscle Less Bodyfat And Its All Natural

For more than 20 years the American public has been told to watch its fat intake or suffer the consequences. The national "fat hysteria" got so bad that back in 1989 the National Academy of Sciences advised everybody, regardless of the presence or absence of risk for coronary heart disease, to go on a restricted diet low in fat. The Lords of Lowfat loved this, and the food industry proceeded to take advantage of the situation, as they always do, and come out with a whole new line of "lowfat" or "fat free" products, many of which were neither.

Why groups such as premenopausal women and children, who are largely immune to coronary heart disease, should go on such a restricted diet was not explained. Meanwhile, other complex, interlinking causes of coronary heart disease like lack of exercise, obesity, stress, genetics and caloric intake went largely ignored. Fat was the culprit. Any possibility that dietary fat could be utilized in the cause of good health and physical performance was conveniently dismissed.

As a result, people began eating those carbs. They began watching what they ate. Above all, they became aware of the fat they were eating and did their best to avoid it like a plague. And, guess what? As a society we got fatter than ever. We're getting fatter all the time. The heart attack parade hasn't stopped. What's wrong with this picture?

Meanwhile, bodybuilders didn't seem to be getting the kind of growth they were looking for from all those carbs. Sure, they got big. But they also got fat. By contest time, they were most often right about where they'd been before they started the whole diet cycle. The siren song of steroids became ever more inviting.

But now, you've got an alternative. A healthy and effective one. It's called the Anabolic Diet and it's been striking telling blows against the Lords of Lowfat and getting bodybuilders the growth they want without all that added bodyfat. In this chapter we'll outline the many benefits to be gained from the Anabolic Diet and begin to look at the reasons why it works. By its end, I don't think you'll be too tempted to return to the old grind of that high carb diet.

Your Heart and Nutrition

Your Heart and Nutrition

Prevention is better than a cure. Learn how to cherish your heart by taking the necessary means to keep it pumping healthily and steadily through your life.

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