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WHETHER YOU'VE JUST decided to begin a weight-training programme or you've been hitting the gym for years, one thing is certain: when it comes to your workouts, you can never have too many options.

That's where this publication comes in. Here we cut to the chase — 101 different programmes delivered straight to you from the exercise experts at MUSCLE & FITNESS. Whether you want to work your whole body at once or focus on any of the seven major muscle groups, you'll find a routine for every need, for any day of the week.

You can use 101 Workouts in a number of different ways. For example:

1) Create an all-new bodypart training split based on your goals and your situation. For example, if you only can work out at home:

Monday: Chest (p. 14) & Triceps (p. 94) Tuesday: Legs (p. 62) Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Back (p. 46) & Biceps (p. 78) Friday: Shoulders (p. 30) & Abs (p. 110)

2) Introduce some variety into your training programme, or focus on a particular bodypart that needs attention. Sometimes, the best way to kick yourself into gear and beat boredom is to try something new. If it's back day, turn to the back chapter on page 42 and choose one of the 13 workouts you'll find there, just for today. Or maybe your delts just aren't growing, so give them a nudge with the special shock routine on page 40.

3) Choose one of the full-body routines, starting on page 132, and do it 1-3 times per week. Or pick an upper-body workout from Chapter 8 and a leg workout from Chapter 4 and do each 1-2 times per week (for example, Monday and Thursday do the upper-body routine, and Tuesday and Friday perform the legs routine). Just like that, you're covered!

4) Perhaps you don't want to overhaul your whole training routine but only tweak it a little. In that case, try some new exercises. With almost 200 fully illustrated moves in this guide, you can trade out an exercise or two in your current workout. Introducing variety into your routine is key to growth, whether in the form of new exercises, set and reps schemes, or training techniques.

You'll find plenty of new ideas on all those fronts in 101 Workouts.

All told, there are years' worth of workouts in this book. I firmly believe it could become the most valuable fitness resource you've ever owned.

Deputy Editor, MUSCLE & FITNESS magazine

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