START: "First, I usually use straps [not shown] to reinforce my grip, because although I'm strong enough to hold myself, my grip just goes," Garrett says. "I hang from the bar with a slightly wider than shoulder-width grip." MOVE: With a slight arch in your lower back, pull yourself up without using any extra body momentum, then lower yourself back to the start. "At the top, I like to barely touch my chest to the bar, which helps to ensure I go through a full range of motion," Garrett adds.

START: Attach a hammer-style bar to a pulldown station and sit In the seat, grasping the handles so your palms face each other. MOVE: "I smoothly pull the weight down to my chest, keeping my back arched a little bit to make sure all the emphasis is on my lower lats," Garrett says. "With this movement, like most back exercises, it's not really about the weight but more about getting your form down, and squeezing and contracting. I just rely on good technique and squeeze through the entire movement."

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