Seated calf raises

Peroneus Brevis Fascia



Patella, Peroneus longus*

Tibialis posterior"

Flexor digitorum longus*

Flexor hallucis longus*

Peroneus brevis"

"Although It Is not their main function these muscles participate In foot extension.

Rectus femoris ~

Vastus lateralis-

Vastus intermedius -Tensor fascia lata Fascia lata, iliotibial band

Fascia lata, iliotibial band

Patellar ligament

Head of fibula

Tibialis anterior

TRICEPS SURAE MUSCLE ¿¿frwm }<' \ | ^-^ /'"------Fxtenso; dlgiloium longus

Gluteus maximus Biceps femori| g^ ^ / / ^^-- Gastrocnemius

—II ui r-^—J SemimemtTanosijs^^y^M'^^r—j fall- Extensor hallucis longus

| f Achilles tendon J-L -_ Peroneus tertius

A u ( Inferior peroneal /_ \\-, '—— Lateral malleolus avi kii r»,»™„i,„ retinaculum7 — Rr

/H§f ™i/lateral head Calcaneal tuberosity 4-\\ Extensor retinaculum i,jf\ imJ Gastrocnemius-/-/-X--Extensor digitorum brevis

. medial head k 'if 1 | Achj||es Sit at a machine, with the knees positioned under the pads, the toes on the foot bar, and the ankles relaxed:

I f iW tendon * Extencl the feet and P°int the toes- f

|:| j) ¡1 This exercise isolates the soleus, H Beajn m, ElEncl

Calcaneus J whose name is derived from its Nf a fe |

sole. (This muscle inserts at the top at the tibia and fibula under the knee joint and j \_____wl / I______'

attaches at the bottom to the calcaneus by the Achilles tendon. Its purpose is to /y .J a extend the feet at the ankles.)

Bending at the knees relaxes the gastrocnemius, which attaches at the top above Tp ffl '7 flf the knee joint and at the bottom onto the Achilles tendon, and reduces its vli , !■ "--)'i\

contribution to ankle extension. jgSMf I< Ml / fai u


Variation: You can also perform this exercise by sitting on a bench with a wedge under the feet and a barbell resting on the thighs. Wrap the bar for comfort.


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