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Greater trochanter

Hip extension is limited by the tension of the iliofemoral ligament, also referred to as Bertin's ligament, which Is a thickening of the articular capsule.

Latissirnus dorsr External oblique-

Gluteus maximus~


Biceps femoris, long head-Bleeps femoris, short head-Gastroonemius, lateral head-. Gastrocnemius. medial head ■„

Latissirnus dorsr External oblique-

Long Lean Leg Muscles

Stand on one leg with the other slightly forward and position the roll against the calf halfway between the knee and ankle. Lean the torso forward slightly and grasp the handles:

• Inhale and push the thigh back until the hip is hyperextended.

• Maintain the position with an isometric contraction for a couple of seconds.

• Return to the Initial position.

• Exhale at the end of the extension.

This exercise mainly works the gluteus maximus and, to a lesser extent, the semi-tendlnosus, semimembranosus, and the long head of the biceps femoris.


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