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Abdominal MusclesAbdominal MusclesShort Leg And Tensor Fascia Lata Pain

Straightening the legs white tilting forward lengthens the hamstrings, helping to better feel the contractionrvvhlle straightening the ■frank,

Bending |ti knees while tilting forward ■allows tie hamstrings to relax, which facilitates hip flexion,

Stand with the feet slightly apart and the bar resting on the trapezius or a little lower on the posterior deltoid:

• Inhale and bend the torso forward, keeping the back straight. The axis of rotation should pass through the coxofemoral joints.

• Return to the Initial position and exhale.

To make the exercise easier, bend slightly at the knees. This movement, which works the gluteus maxlmus and the spinal group, is especially noteworthy for the action on the hamstrings (except the short head of the biceps femoris, which only flexes the knee). Besides knee flexion, the main m

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