Alter Imte FsiNt Arm Raises

Deltoid Arm Raise



Pectoralis major clavicular head

Anterior deltoid Middle deltoid \ ,

Pronator teres


Teres major Latissimus dorsl


Extensor carpi radialis longus


Serratus anterior


Stand with the feet slightly apart, holding the barbells with an overhand grip as they rest against the front of the thighs or slightly to the side:

• Inhale and alternate raising the arms to the front to eye level,

This exercise uses mainly the anterior deltoid, the clavicular head of the pectoralis major, and, to a lesser degree, the remaining deltoids. All movements that raise the arms contract the muscles that anchor the scapula to the rib cage, such as the serratus anterior and rhomboids, which create a stable support for the humerus to move from.


Raising to the front using both hands.


Lying facedown on an incline bench.

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