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The ultimate muscle pump machine!

Bodylastics is
- Great for all strength levels!
- Totally portable at only 1.5 lbs - never miss a workout
- Effective for backstage or anywhere else
- Strength Training - Body Toning - Muscle Building
- Effectively work all of the same muscles as Bowflex for less!
- Target the chest, abs, shoulders, legs, back and arms

 Replace a whole set of dumbells with the adjustable clip-system

Use individually or combine all four elastics for 15 levels of resistance!

Yellow: 5-6 pound equivalent
Green: 7.5 to 8.5 pound equivalent
Red: 10.5 to 12 pound equivalent
Blue: 15 to 18 pound equivalent

Recreate all of the best gym exercises! (Sample of exercise below)

Bodylastics super system has several major advantages over other exercise

bands and exercise products on the market too..

The advantage of the Bodylastics super system is that by simply using a number of different elastic bands we can accommodate all of the various levels of strength. We call these levels Olive Oyl (beginners - the easiest elastic) with two levels in between up to (advanced - all four elastics) Popeye - ! Our unique-clip system allows the user to vary the resistance in a snap so each muscle group can get the maximum workout without feeling overloaded or under worked. Other elastic sets sold in today's market come with either both handles permanently attached to one elastic, or
only cover one resistance level without shortening the length, which can disrupt range of motion and the body's natural movement. That's uncomfortable! And Bodylastics is complete! -- one product -- one price -- all strength levels. We encourage everyone to compare us to the competition. Children, teenagers, baby boomers, the elderly, men, women, athletes, models...This product works for every BODY!

For the average cost of one personal training session or one night out on the town, you can have an amazing home and travel gym that not only works every part of your body, but also packs away easily in a one square foot travel bag. Fitness and health should be affordable and within the reach of everyone. We believe that!

Bodylastics has an impressive track record. It's design is similar to the one
currently used by hospitals and clinics for rehabilitation. Throughout history it has been scientifically proven that the only way to change the shape of a muscle and make it stronger is to lengthen and shorten it against resistance. This applies to general fitness, athletes and rehabilitation. The thing that makes the Bodylastics system so wonderful, is how similar it is to using weights or machines, for resistance training. Yes, I am sure this is true! You see, the muscles in your body are blind. They do not know if you are curling a barbell, a dumbbell. They only know that you are working against some sort of resistance, but not what type of resistance. This resistance can come in the form of elastics like Bodylastics. There are certainly some things Bodylastics cannot do, but we aren't so sure those things are necessary anyhow (you will see what I mean).


One of the Greatest advantages of Bodylastics is that it's truly a portable gym. It <>weighs under 2lbs. (TWO POUNDS)! It can be carried absolutely anywhere! This mighty mite is perfect for the traveler who wants their health club quality exercises without going to a health club (that's time consuming, getting ready, driving, parking, signing in, getting a locker, working out, waiting in line, then trying to get back to your hotel or home again...) Problem solved! Quiet!
No more clanging and banging! Bodylastics is clean quiet resistance. It does not make any noise - none. The only noise that you will hear when you use the product is your own struggling and breathing. What does that in real life? That means that Bodylastics is perfect for the new mother or father that does not want to wake the child. It is perfect if you live in an apartment - you won't disturb the neighbors. Even better, if you like to exercise in front of the television, you will actually be able to hear it!

Reasons to Buy Bodylastics

1. Bodylastics is affordable - Compare the price of
Bodylastics to a health club membership and even the most
popular home gyms like Bowflex, Total Gym and Platinum
Crossbow. For a small fraction of the price - under $50! - you
can effectively work all of the same muscles.

2. It is portable and compact - Bodylastics is the anytime,
anywhere workout system. The whole system is the size of a pair
of shoes and weights under 2 pounds! So, It can be used at home
while you watch TV, at work, or even away when you travel.

3. Exercise to feel and look better - Strength training and
exercise are a great way to boost your self image and self esteem. You'll enjoy better posture, more confidence and feel great!

4. It is whisper quiet -
No more clanging and banging! Bodylastics is clean quiet resistance. It does not make any
noise - none. The only noise that you will hear when you use
the product is your own struggling and breathing.

5. Bodylastics is effective - The elastic resistance incorporated
into the Bodylastics system is the same resistance which has
been used by the medical community for years.
How's that for an
endorsement? Physical therapists have been using elastic
resistance with their patients for years because it can help the
muscle to become bigger and stronger. Exercising with elastic
resistance is something that you will feel in your muscles right
away. Millions of people have become leaner, stronger and even
more muscular from using elastic resistance regularly in their routine.

6. It is easy to use - Bodylastics has to be the most simple form of an exercise machine. You don't have to be Charles Atlas, Arnold Schwartzenegger, or have a PHD to understand how to use it. Since there aren't any complicated instructions or settings to adjust, you can be exercising within minutes of taking it out of the box.

7. Bodylastics is versatile - Bodylastics is a full body workout
machine. It can be set up quickly to work all of the major muscle
groups including the chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs and abs.

8. It can make your bones stronger - Resistance training with
machines like Bodylastics has been proven increase bone mass,
which can help slow or delay the onset of osteoporosis.

9. It is Designed to last - Bodylastics is designed to be durable
so that it will last. Only the highest quality latex and materials
are used in its' construction.

10. Guaranteed results! - Bodylastics absolutely works. After
only a few short weeks of using Bodylastics you will discover
improvements in muscle building, toning, posture and confidence.
We guarantee it.

Bodylastics Money Back Guarantee

  <>We are so sure that the Bodylastics Home Gym System will produce results - we guarantee it! Use this amazing product for up to 6 weeks in your home or anyplace else. If for any reason your are not delighted, simply send it back and we will refund your money no questions asked!

Get yours today for $39.95 plus modest shipping costs

Includes FREE Travel Bag,

Click Here to order now

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